Consultation on the future of Specialist Fertility Services 2015

This is the information we went out with when we ran a public consultation on specialist fertility services in 2015:

NHS Basildon and Brentwood CCG recently launched our “Fit for the Future” public engagement programme in which we set out some of the main challenges facing our local NHS and seek local people’s involvement in the development of NHS and social care services from 2017.

We are working to transform the health and social care system to meet the challenges of the future, but the CCG also has a big financial challenge to meet in the short term with a predicted deficit of around £20 million this year.  We have had to develop a financial recovery plan to set out the steps we will take to ensure we comply with our legal duty to balance our books by the end of the year.

The majority of the planned savings set out in the financial recovery plan will come from the transformation of services to reduce complexity, waste and duplication across health and social care, but in order to meet our challenging financial targets we have also had to look at restricting access to some services.

Following a review of all the services provided by the local NHS, we ran a public consultation on the future of specialist fertility services for patients within Basildon and Brentwood.Visit the consultation page and download the Specialist Fertility Services Consultation document.

The consultation document provides an overview of the issues around the commissioning of specialist fertility services and sets out two options for the future of these services within Basildon and Brentwood – to continue providing these services and look to other areas in which to make the necessary savings, or to decommission specialist fertility services for local people.

The consultation ended on 14th October 2015. No decision was taken by Board members of the CCG at that point.