Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

To stop offering the following cosmetic surgery procedures:

• Breast Procedures* - Asymmetry/reduction/mastoplexy including revision/replacement
• Gynaecomastia (enlarged breast in men)
• Liposucton /Skin contouring/Body contouring
• Cosmetic Surgery

Funding for reconstructive surgery will continue, where this is not for cosmetic purposes

*This would also include no longer funding breast reconstruction following mastectomy (breast removal as part of a treatment process)

Rationale for change:
The CCG has a current financial deficit and is having to make decisions about ceasing funding of services and therefore has to review funding of all procedures of low/limited clinical value.
There should be limited impact on patients as these procedures are thought to be of low clinical value. Cosmetic surgery is a choice rather than a clinical need and should therefore be self-funded. Efficiencies made will go towards the CCGs financial deficit position and work towards bringing the CCG back to its duty of financial balance.
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