Cervical smear campaign targets young women

Young women in Essex are putting themselves at risk with their lack of knowledge about cervical screening (smear tests), research has revealed.

That's why Basildon and Brentwood CCG is backing an innovative campaign to raise awareness among 25-29 year-old women about the necessity of having their smear test when they are invited by the NHS.

Females of the Future is a new campaign by NHS England, which aims to fill women with hope, not guilt, as they are encouraged to attend their smear test.

Doctors and health care leaders announce a new development in the options for future hospital services in mid and south Essex

Mid and South Essex Success Regime 

Press release 20 July 2017

Doctors and health care leaders today (Thursday, 20 July) announced a new development in the options for future hospital services in mid and south Essex.

In recent months, two main options for change have been discussed with patients, staff and stakeholders. Both options would have seen significant changes to the way the three A&E departments at Broomfield, Basildon and Southend hospitals operate.

Having studied the available evidence and listened carefully to the views of local people, patients and stakeholders, clinicians and health leaders have now decided to develop a revised model that would enable all three current A&E departments to continue to treat people who need emergency hospital care, including continuing to receive ‘blue light’ emergency patients with serious conditions. It would rule out the blanket redirection of all ‘blue light’ ambulances to Basildon, as in previous options.

Under this plan, patients would be assessed, stabilised and treated in their local hospital, with the most unwell patients transferred to a specialist team, if that’s what they need. The ‘norm’ would be for people to go to their local hospital in an emergency. As before, all three A&E departments would continue to be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and run by consultants.

As now, a small number of people who are very seriously ill would go straight to a specialist centre to get the best treatment (for example, people suffering severe burns already go to Broomfield in Chelmsford).

Bugged by a bee sting?

Bees pollinate a third of everything we eat and we should all do our bit to help protect our buzzing friends. However, it’s almost a rite of passage to receive a sting or bite as we grow up so what should you do when it inevitably happens to your child?