Protecting people with learning disabilities against flu

Do you have or care for someone with a learning disability?

If the answer is yes, they and you are entitled to a FREE flu vacccine.

Anyone can catch flu. Flu is caused by a bug called a virus. Flu can make you, your loved one or the person you care for feel ill. If someone is very ill with the flu they might even have to go to hospital.

Having the flu jab can help stop you from catching the flu and passing it onto other people. The jab is free to people with a learning disability and their carers.

The flu jab is a quick and easy injection. Don't let this stop you as the pharmacist, nurse or doctor will look after you.  After the jab you may feel a bit hot, have a sore arm and ache a bit, but you would feel a lot worse if you caught the flu.However, if you are terrified of needles you can ask your doctor.

Please see your local pharmacist, nurse or doctor to get your free flu jab.

Download an EasyRead version of the leaflet All about flu and how to stop getting it here

Download an EasyRead childhood nasal flu leaflet here

A short video aimed at people with learning disabilities has been produced. The video is available via YouTube

A video British Sign Language video of the Stay Well This Winter campaign leaflet is available via YouTube