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Register of Interests

Register of Interests for members of the CCG Governing Body(Board), Attendees with Speaking Rights, Clinical Leads and Sessional Lay members can be viewed here

Freedom of Information Disclosure Log

Over the coming months we will update this section with a log of information that we have released in response to Freedom of Information requests.

2013/14 Quarter 1 (April-June)

2013/14 Quarter 2 (July-September)

2013/14 Quarter 3 (October- December)

2013/14 Quarter 4 (January-March)


2014/15 Quarter 1 (April-June)

2014/15 Quarter 2 (July-September)

2014/15 Quarter 3 (October-December)

2014/15 Quarter 4 (January-March)


2015/16 Quarter 1 (April-June) 

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