PCRG Committee Effectiveness Review

Each Board Committee is expected to undertake an evaluation of its self-effectiveness each year. This process is an opportunity for the Patient and Community Reference Group (PCRG) to reflect on its work over the past 12 months and enable members to look at ways to enhance effectiveness of the Group over the next 12 months;

All Members of the Group were asked to complete the self effectiveness questionnaire. The PCRG Committee Effectiveness Review January 2019 can be downloaded here

The PCRG Group considered the wide range of comments outlined above and agreed to convene a small focus group to discuss the actions further and plan for engagement activities in 2019-20.

Areas of Focus for 2019-20

The following areas were agreed:

MSK service (Connect) - to continue working on improvements to this service.

Cancer – link with the work the STP are doing with cancer services. It was agreed we would look to work on neutropenia as there was a clearly defined patient pathway, it affected a large number of patients, there were serious implications for patient harm if the correct pathway wasn’t followed, there were potentially a number of simple interventions that could improve patient experience. It was agreed that this would be a good area to start.

Children and Young People – undertake some further work regarding ASD and / or ADHD. It was agreed that given the existing voluntary sector links with organisations like SNAP this would an area to look at building on the recent work with schools.
Primary Care – to liaise with the Primary Care team to ensure that public and patient involvement it incorporated into the development of Primary Care Networks as set out in the NHS 10 Year Plan.

Follow- up

The above recommendations will be taken to the March 2019 PCRG for final agreement.

Download the PCRG Focus Group Summary Report 2019 here  



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