Patient workshops

We organise Patient Workshops to involve patients in our key programmes of work. These workshops are an opportunity for patients to meet service providers face-to-face. They are able to relay the experience of patients and their families, ask any questions and make suggestions for improvements. These workshops and presentations from CCG commissioners and service providers at patient group meetings have resulted in positive actions for the benefit of our patient population.

We report the feedback from all patient groups to our clinicians and officers through our Patient and Community Reference Group (PCRG) which has representation on our Board.

Recent Patient Workshops have focused on:

  • MSK Service

  • IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) Service

  • Developing the CCG's winter communications plan for 2018/19

MSK Service Workshop

Jack Tindale and Philip Barber from MSK service provider Connect delivered a presentation to patients in October 2018 to outlining the details of the service. They responded to questions submitted by patients in advance and there were group discussions on what an ideal physipotherapy service might look like from a patient perspective. Patients were asked for their views on a self referral system, the use of  modern technology such as Skype appointments and how best to promote edcational materials to patients.

Connect held a second meeting with patients in January 2019 when they set out the actions they are taking in response to the workshop discussions. You can download the presentation You said, we did which details all the actions here

MSK follow up January 2019 Connect 2 page 001 640

 IAPT Service

Patients with an understanding of mental health issues were invited to  contribute to the development of the Basildon and Brentwood IAPT service.

The patient workshops took place with Vita Health Group which has been commissioned by the CCG to provide the IAPT service commencing 1 April 2019.

Patients contributed their ideas for naming the new service which will be known as Vita Minds. They also suggested possible locations for clinics, how best to reach pout to people and how to forge new links with other services including voluntary services.

Winter Communications Plan

Each year the CCG is required to put together a plan for managing the extra pressure on NHS services that can happen over the winter months when patients are more at risk of experiencing a range of health problems. How we communicate with patients and the public is a key part of our winter planning, so in autumn 2018 the CCG communications team invited patient group members to take part in a patient workshop to help us put together our winter communications plan 2018/19.

The patients contributed their ideas and experience on developing communications materials, the best ways to reach people and what messages would work best for local patients.

The CCG’s winter communications plan was developed and delivered using the feedback from patients which included a leaflet campaign with information on NHS services, information around flu vaccinations and on knowing how to look after and treat minor health problems.

The presentation can be downloaded here




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