Annual Meeting and workshops

The Annual Meeting is where we share our highlights and achievements from over the past year as well as discussing some next steps and future developments and future developments for the year ahead.

Patient and Community Reference Group member Bob Hackett gave the following presentation:

Download the key questions and answers people asked at the Annual Meeting



We organise Patient Workshops to involve patients in our key programmes of work. These workshops are an opportunity for patients to meet service providers face-to-face. They are able to relay the experience of patients and their families, ask any questions and make suggestions for improvements. These workshops and presentations from CCG commissioners and service providers at patient group meetings have resulted in positive actions for the benefit of our patient population.

Our next workshop in spring 2020 will be on Cancer and the theme will be Neutropenia.

Mid and South Essex Health and Care Partnership Workshops

The Mid and South Essex Health and Care Partnership is organising a series of worshops with representatives from the voluntary sector, community groups, NHS England, patient group members and partner organisations.

Download the feedback reports here:

15 October 2019 feedback report

11 February 2020 feedback report


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