Patient meetings with providers

The CCG makes sure that healthcare providers engage with patients to shape services and check quality.

Providers are invited to attend our Patient and Community Reference Group (PCRG) meetings to talk about how services are delivered, relay the experiences of patients and their families, ask any questions and make suggestions for improvements.

A good example of this is the ongoing engagement with Connect who are commissioned to provide the Musculo Skeletal Service

Patients have undertaken a survey and presented the results to Connect. 

Jack Tindale and Philip Barber from Connect have attended several PCRG meetings to discuss what an ideal physipotherapy service might look like from a patient perspective. Patients were asked for their views on a self referral system, the use of modern technology such as Skype appointments and how best to promote educational materials to patients.

As a result of the meetings,  Connect took took a number of actions to improve the service.   You can download Connect's presentations below:

You said, we did  (January 2019)

MSK update (July 2019)

Connect will continue to meet with patients at future PCRG events.

Diabetic Eye Screening 

Lorraine Lockwood and Maria Farman from the Essex Diabetic Screening Programme met with the PCRG members in November 2019. Patients were shown the final draft of a new Retinal Screening Video which has been produced to encourage diabetic patients across Essex to attend Retinal Eye Screening appointments.

There are plans to circulate this video as widely as possible. It will be promoted in GP surgeries,  on the websites of CCGs, Diabetes UK and Healthwatch, across social media channels and in community hubs, job centres, large companies and in the Travellers' Times -  a website  for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller people by Gypsy, Roma and Traveller people.

Discussion took place around other groups which could be targeted and some suggestions were made by PCRG members.

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