Q&A sessions with our Chair and Executive leads

Members of our Patient and Community Reference Group have the opportunity to ask questions and give their views directly to our Chair  Dr Adegboyega Tayo and our Executive leads.

These Q&A sessions take place several times a year and details are reported at  Patient and Community Reference Group meetings. 

24 February 2020

Questions were raised regarding:

  • Patient involvement in the Transformation Journey including Primary Care Networks - assurances were given that there will be meaningful patient involvement

  • How the CCG functions will change after the proposed merger of the five CCGs - it was explained that Basildon and Brentwood will be one of four "places" under the new system. Strong, locally focussed decisions will continue to be made.

  • Plans for Patient Transport - it was reported that Tom Abell will attend a future PCRG meeting to discuss transport.

  • How GPs are reacting to Primary Care Networks. The Chair reported that GPs were "still reviewing". It was confirmed that GPs do not have all have to join a PCN - it is an individual agreement.

  • How citizens will be involved in the INR scoping exercise for self testing within primary and secondary care services. It was explained the work is now across the STP but is not a "high priority".

  • Waiting times for Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) appointments reported to be eight months. The AO reported all areas have waiting lists with Neurology being the worse. Across the 5 CCGs they are now outsourcing to the independent sector.

  • The commissioning of specialist residential services for people experiencing long term chronic and severe mental health issues e.g. schizophrenia. It was explained that patients are individually assessed. If sectioned and now well, they would be expected to go home, unless there were issues that would prevent it. If the patient is high risk they would be accommodated in the safest place e.g. institution. There are other arrangements that may apply e.g. Section 117 but people are assessed against the criteria on an individual basis.

  • How the CCG monitors pathology - assurance was given that delegates to the Joint Committee meet regularly, there has been an inspection and monitoring is taking place.

21 October 2019

  • Questions regarding the new build Laindon surgery and the services and facilities that will be provided

  • How can patients be more involved in the planning of services to be offered by the PCNs and how will the PCNs engage with patients and the community

  • The patient engagement structure was discussed and no changes are expected in the near future

  • Ambulance response times was raised and it was reported that a recovery plan is in place and key actions

  • Medication supply issues were raised and it was confirmed that this is a national issue and the CCG medicines management team are providing guidance to GPs

  • INR self-testing was raised again and it was confirmed that the self-testing strips will be included in the formulary by the end of 2019 for GPs to prescribe

  • Concern was raised regarding the patient’s issues being considered by the STP

  • Concern was raised around an outside company being asked to set up the Citizen’s panel and this would be a virtual group. Patient involvement with the STP and PCNs was again discussed

  • Brentwood patients who asked at the AGM how transport will be address for patients having difficulty travelling to Southend Hospital

  • Health visitors and midwife visits were raised and information about family hubs was provided

10 June 2019

The AO gave an overview of the Operation Plan 2019/20. Concerns were raised regarding patient involvement in the PCNs.
The AO went through the 6 primary care networks showing the practices that make up each PCN and confirmed that the PCNs will deliver the extended GP access services.

Concerns were raised regarding:

Patient transport and the difficulties patients have from Brentwood and Wickford to hospital appointments. Also concerns that escorts are not allowed on transport with patients if they do not meet the criteria.

A request to prescribe INR testing machines and strips to patients capable and willing to do self-testing was raised.

Concerns regarding medication prescribed by hospital consultants and patients having to return to the hospital to collect prescriptions.

People have the opportunity to ask questions of the Board at Board Meetings. If members of the public have any questions they would like to ask the Board, please email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later than one week before the meeting.

Our Annual Meeting also gives everyone the opportunity to ask senior members of the CCG questions.








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