Addressing the financial challenge

During our Fit for the Future consultation process, a number of people have been keen to understand what other actions the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is taking to address the stated £14.5m predicted short fall.

While the CCG is engaging on two specific elements (the Intermediate Care Review proposals and the proposed changes to the Service Restriction Policy)  a much broader programme is underway.

The information below gives an overview of some of the actions that have been taken forward:

Medicines Prescribing

There has been a long standing programme in place to ensure that GPs and hospital consultants are undertaking clinical effective and cost effective prescribing.

This year, our programme has been boosted by a promotion to try and reduce the amount of “wasted medicines” prescribed. This is where patients are prescribed medication but do not use it and it ends up being thrown away. This is estimated to cost south west Essex up to £2.5m per year.

You can find out more about our medicines waste campaign here

Improvements to the Musculoskeletal Service

Working in conjunction with Basildon Hospital consultants, a new pathway is in place to try and manage appropriate patients out of hospital and in the community using a combination of clinicians including physiotherapist, consultants and psychology support.

Estates Efficiencies

Working with our service providers, the CCG is trying to improve the efficiency of estate that we either fund directly or fund through the providers of services. We are keen to ensure that where possible, we protect money for clinical service delivery and therefore must ensure we make best use of the estate.

Improved contract management

The CCG has put in place a number of developments to ensure that we are only paying for care delivered to the population we serve and only when it is delivered in line with the contracts with have specified. In addition, we have negotiated with our service providers to improve the value for money of services we commission.

Improved management of frailty

We are working with our practices, community and hospital providers to try and improve the way we manage frail people in the community. In undertaking these improvements, we believe we will be able to reduce a number of expensive hospital admissions.

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