To not fund e-cigarettes and other novel nicotine containing products This is a pre-emptive proposal as we do not currently fund e-cigarettes.
Rationale for change:
Electronic cigarettes are novel devices that deliver nicotine by heating and vaporising a solution that typically contains nicotine, propylene glycol and/or glycerol and flavourings.

A Public Health England (PHE) report1 has estimated that about 2.6 million adults used electronic cigarettes in 2015. The report concluded that as of yet the long term health harms are not known.

The report also estimated that nationally there are currently 1.8m prescription items dispensed each year that relate to smoking cessation (of which about 50% are nicotine replacement therapies).

The nicotine replacement therapies that can be prescribed include:

• skin patches
• chewing gum
• inhalators, which look like plastic cigarettes through which nicotine is inhaled
• tablets, strips and lozenges, which you put under your tongue
• nasal spray
• mouth spray

These can all be prescribed by your GP or can be purchased within pharmacies.

Along with the prescribing of the above NRTs there is also the Public Health commissioned ‘NHS Stop Smoking Service’ that patients can access without having to contact their GP via telephone or the internet or via the online app. This service offers one-to-one sessions, group sessions or drop in services.

The CCG therefore feels there is existing sufficient support available to aid with the cessation of smoking.

The CCG believes that the proposed changes would have little impact on the local population as described above there are several NTRs available that support smoking cessation along with other therapies available from pharmacies. These methods are clinically proven to assist with the stopping of smoking altogether as opposed to moving to an alternative way of smoking.
It has been estimated that costs for e-cigarettes would be around £1.1m per 100,000 population per year and that with a population of over 260,000 the CCG would face a significant financial pressures to an already challenged health system.
For further information:

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