Pain Treatments

Pain Treatments
To stop offering facet joint injections, hip & spinal injections and spinal cord stimulation. Spinal cord stimulation is an NHS England commissioned service that will no longer be funded by the CCG. Where patients meet the criteria specified by NHS England, they will still be eligible for spinal cord stimulation at the designated centres.
Rationale for change:
The CCG’s approach to the current financial challenges is to prioritise the limited funding it has so that the local population has access to the healthcare that is most needed. This assessment of need is made across the whole population of Basildon & Brentwood CCG and, wherever possible, on the basis of best evidence on what is clinically proven to work.

As a result of this, the CCG has identified procedures that are either limited clinical value or that do not cater for the wider needs of the population and therefore it has been proposed to implement these changes in order for the local health economy and services to be sustainable.

The proposed changes would mean that pain inserts would no longer be funded under the CCG however there will still be numerous alternative pain relief methods available that are funded and can prescribed.
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