Essex Success Regime: Progress update - 22nd January 2016

Essex has been designated a Success Regime by NHS England.

The Success Regime is a national initiative designed to support the most challenged health and care systems across the country.

NHS England are working in partnership with Monitor and the NHS Trust Development Authority to develop an Essex Success Regime plan for mid and south Essex. This is a two to three year programme of change to ensure hospitals, GP surgeries and other NHS service providers work together to address deep-rooted pressures and secure high quality, joined-up care for people.

 Essex Success Regime Progress Update (number 1 - 22nd January 2016) from NHS England provides a recap on what has happened so far, the aims of the programme, who is involved and the next steps; with details on how people can get involved and help to shape future.

Basildon and Brentwood Clinical Commissioning Group is a member of the Essex Success Regime System Leaders Group which will lead the transforming of the local health and care system to ensure high quality joined up care for the future. Key elements of this include:
improvements on working together, joined up services planned around individuals and local populations, and changes to urgent and emergency care to improve provision and access.

The Essex Success Regime is currently defining goals, milestones, areas for improvement, and plans for implementation. These will be published ready for the next phase of discussion with key stakeholders, local bodies and community representatives from March 2016 onwards.

For more detailed information and contacts for further information please see the  Essex Success Regime Progress Update.

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