What is a Medicines Use Review?

Medicines Use Reviews are a great way for you to talk to a medical professional about any concerns or questions you might have about your regular medication.

A review can be arranged by talking to your local pharmacist.


A Medicines Use Review is a free NHS service offered by many pharmacies in the UK. It involves arranging an appointment with your local pharmacist in private to discuss your medicines. The pharmacist can help you understand how your medicines should be used, why they have been prescribed as well as solving any problems you might have.

Reviews are best arranged with patients that take regular medication because of a long term condition or patients recently discharged from hospital. But anyone can ask pharmacists any questions they might have about their medication.

During a review appointment, the pharmacist will discuss your experiences with taking your medication, any problems you might be experiencing and any side-effects you might be experiencing.

It is also possible that some of your medication might not be necessary or the dosage might need adjusting. The pharmacist might be able to suggest some changes which you can then discuss with your GP.

A form called the Medicine Review Action Plan will be filled out by the pharmacist so you have a record of what is discussed and a copy will also go to your GP to be added to your medical notes.

If you would be interested in completing a Medicines Use Review, talk to your local pharmacy. Watch the video below to find out more about reviews, or there is more information, including a handy Q&A, on the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s website. 

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