One You - drinking less alcohol

One You is a ground-breaking new campaign from Public Health England to help adults across the country avoid future diseases caused by our lifestyles.

One You is here to help you to move more, eat well, drink less alcohol and be smoke free.

One You will also provide information on how you can reduce your stress levels and
sleep better.

Drinking less alcohol

It’s easy to let drinking sneak up on you and you may be drinking more alcohol than you

  • Reduce your risks by knowing how much alcohol you are drinking and make sure you
    don’t drink more than the lower risk guidelines. Men and women are advised not to drink more than 14 units of alcohol a week.
    This is the same as 6 pints of average strength beer a week
  • Drinking above the lower risk guidelines affects your body in many ways, from gaining
    weight to reducing the quality of your sleep. More seriously it increases your risk of
    developing health problems such as high blood pressure, liver problems, heart attack
    and some types of cancer
  • Keep an eye on how much alcohol you are drinking with the free Drinks Tracker app,
    which makes it easy to take control with daily tips and feedback

Find more information and take the online health quiz ‘One You’

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