One You - sleeping better

One You is a ground-breaking new campaign from Public Health England to help adults across the country avoid future diseases caused by our lifestyles.

One You is here to help you to move more, eat well, drink less alcohol and be smoke free.

One You will also provide information on how you can reduce your stress levels and
sleep better.

Sleeping better

  • Not sleeping well can have a huge effect on your health, putting you at risk of serious
    medical conditions like heart disease and diabetes – it can even shorten your life
  • Good quality sleep is more important than the amount of sleep that you get and it helps
    to keep you feeling healthy
  • Not enough sleep can take its toll on your mind and can even lead to mental health
    problems such as anxiety, stress and depression. Sleeping less can also make you gain
  • Sleep gives you energy and boosts your immune system, helping your body recover from
  • There are simple things you can do to help you wind down and prepare for bed. Having a
    regular bedtime routine can help you drift off and if you smoke or drink, those habits
    might be stopping you from sleeping well

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