Healthy eating

Eating healthily and taking regular exercise can have a significant impact on your health and make a real difference to how well you feel.

Excess weight and obesity is a major cause of preventable ill health.

Basildon has a greater percentage of adults (30.2 per cent) who are classified as obese or having excess weight compared to the regional or national average. The figure for Brentwood is 18.6 per cent.

The picture for children is similar with the rate of obesity for children higher in Basildon than in Brentwood. The prevalence of obesity in young people locally is following the general upward trend of the past few years. While obesity rates are levelling off, an increasing number of schoolchildren between reception year and year six in Basildon and Brentwood are outside the ‘healthy weight’ range.

It is recognised that Brentwood is a relatively more affluent area while Basildon has very large disadvantaged communities (find out more about the demography, population health status, healthy lives, healthcare and social care and employment in Basildon and Brentwood here)

The Healthy eating section of our site discusses various aspects of healthy eating to help you and your family reach and maintain a healthy weight. 

Read why our leading GP says sugar not fat is the real villain in the obesity epidemic.

Please also see our Dietary Advice section with links to diet and lifestyle information from the British Dietetic Association, Coeliac UK, Diabetes UK and British Heart Foundation.

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