Health checks for people with Learning Disabilities aged 14-plus

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People with learning disabilities often have difficulty in recognising illness, communicating their needs and using health services.

That's why having an Annual Health Check is so important.

Health checks can pick up minor health conditions that can be simple to treat. They can identify any long term health conditions so that support and treatment can be given. Serious illnesses can be found  at an earlier stage when they are more easily treated.

Anyone aged 14 or over who's on their GP's learning disability register can have a free annual health check once a year.

CCGs in mid and south essex are working together to improve these annual health checks.

The CCGs want to improve the training for GPs and encourage more people with Learning Disabilities to go to their doctor for their annual health checks as good healthcare is essential to health, wellbeing and a good quality life.

Basildon and Brentwood CCG and Thurrock CCG have been working with young people and adults who are living with LD and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) to devise some new Annual Health Check resources to help GPs support patients, their parents and carers.

Annual Health Check Resources:

Poster - Being healthy means I can

Poster - My Health Check made me feel

Invitation to Health Check

Making GP practices more welcoming

Your  Annual Health Check - questionnaire for adults and their families

Step-by-step guide for GP practices

Health Action Plan

Annual Health Checks Easy Read

Annual Health Checks parents

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